Rocky epel repo and php-pear-cas

On my Centos7 box, I was able to install the epel repo and from it, install php-pear-cas. On Rocky I installed the epel repo but it has no php-pear-cas package.

yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo=“epel” list available | grep ‘pear’
php-pear-Auth-SASL.noarch 1.1.0-6.el8 epel
php-pear-Cache-Lite.noarch 1.8.3-1.el8 epel
php-pear-CodeGen.noarch 1.0.7-22.el8 epel
php-pear-CodeGen-PECL.noarch 1.1.3-24.el8 epel
php-pear-Date.noarch 1.4.7-22.el8 epel
php-pear-HTTP-Request.noarch 1.4.4-18.el8 epel
php-pear-Mail.noarch 1.4.1-6.el8 epel
php-pear-Net-SMTP.noarch 1.9.0-1.el8 epel
php-pear-Net-Socket.noarch 1.2.2-6.el8 epel
php-pear-Net-URL.noarch 1.0.15-20.el8 epel
php-pear-Text-Diff.noarch 1.2.2-9.el8 epel

Did epel repo drop php-pear-cas?


Google search hit this:

Looks like its in: Remi Repo: English : Repository Configuration - Remi's RPM repository - Blog

Thanks Tom.

@tjdoyle Ya, I found the remi repo. I was hoping something as prominent as CAS would somehow still be available from epel. I never heard of remi. is it reliable?

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Yes I used remi for latest php version on rhel7 when only php5 was available from rhel. His repo has been around at least a few years if not longer.


Remi repos are extremely reliable and trustworthy. Remi has been very involved in upstream PHP development team, and I believe he’s served as Fedora package manager as well. I’ve been relying on his PHP packagings for production systems for nigh on 10 years now…