ROCKY 9.1 : system with md devices never shuts down

Been strugling for a while with this problem.
We are using Rocky 9.1 with raid devices created with mdadm.
When a init 6 or init 0 is issued, the system keeps looping reporting that

systemd-shutdown not all md devices stopped 1 left

And keeps trying to umount a partition…

I’ve started to google this but found only some references about the github package systemd-shutdown

Luckyly I’ve notice on another installation, that the first time the server acts as expected rebooting normally. But after an upgrade was done the system started to act like mentioned before.

With this two dots i’ve tryed to draw a line … and guess that there was a package that was upgraded that could be creating the conflict.

The first upgrade I did in a minimal install, upgraded kernel, kernel-tools, and other stuff non related. I decided to go after kernel-tools.

I’ve found that kernel-tools upgrade from version 1 to 1.0.1.
Couldn’t find the Rocky linux package version 1.
Give a shot to Almalinux package found in

search for kernel-tools-5.14.0-162.6.1.el9_1.x86_64.rpm and kernel-tools-libs-5.14.0-162.6.1.el9_1.x86_64.rpm

After downgraded those packages the system could restart as expected.

Conclusion : NOTE that 1.0.1 package has this problem with RAID managed with mdadm, stand to version 1.

Hope this help others.


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I had the same problem with a new installation of RL9.1 using soft raid.

Sometimes it takes more time to shutdown sometimes less time, but the odd behavior is if I type crtl+alt+f2 to open a new console it stops the loop and shutdown immediately.

About the loop you are seeing, does it look similar to this?

Hi toracat, the loop I see is like this:
Not all MD devices stopped, 1 left
Stopping MD devices.
Stopping MD /dev/md0
md0 stopped
Not all MD devices stopped… and so on
When I press crtl+alt+F it stops and the system shuts.

Just correcting myself, I have this problem (loop trying stop MD devices) in version kernel-tools-5.14.0-162.6.1.el9_1.x86_64.rpm
I did not updated to version 1.0.1 yet.

Well, this seemed to work as said in first post until yesterday.

Confidently sent a init 6 but the system keep looping while spiting those …

Not all MD devices stopped. 1 left 
stopping md devices
stopping md /dev/mdxxx

So the “solution” it is not a solution…
The problem is still there

By the way … tryied with the Ctrl+Alt+Fx and didn’t work

Could you find any solution? Did you install 9.0 and updated it or did you install 9.1?
I am going to install 9.0 to see if it has the same problem. If it doesn’t, I am planing to use it and not update until there is another kernel version newer than 5.14.0-162.

I just installed RL9.0 and version of kernel, kernel-tools, etc is 5.14.0-70.13.1.el9_0 and there is no problem with md devices or shuting down the system.
I guess I’m going to use it with no updates or maybe update it in the future when it’s pretty sure there is no issue with raid.

I tried again 9.1 did an update and the kernel related packages are now 5.14.0-162.6.1.el9_1.x86_64 but the problem stopping md devices continues.

Not a solution but just a note: AlmaLinux user reported the same problem: