Rocky 9.1: and "error while loading shared libraries"

Hello Rocky Fans,

Setting up a new Rocky 9.1 Workstation on a laptop for development. Main objectives were installing IntelliJ IDEA Community and Android Studio. I’ll outline my process below, including installation of Java 17 OpenJDK, which seems to be at the center of my problems.

Please note, this is a fresh install which I can reformat / refresh as needed - and I’m happy to provide as much information as requested to resolve the issue. However, I’m fairly determined to use the applications identified above. I’m trying to avoid a debate on best alternative options - but if there’s an absolute blocker to moving forward, please help me understand the reason.

Here are the details so far:

Used Rufus to create bootable media from following source:

Clean Install using following options:
- Workstation, no add-ons
- Setup ROOT and password, no SSH
- Setup non-root-user and password, no Groups
- Setup WiFi Connection
- Setup “General Purpose” Security Policy
- Setup Hard Disk with Standard Provisioning, Default Directory + /usr/log/audit for Security Policy

Completed Installation, Initial Login as ROOT:
- $ usermod -aG wheel
- Log Out, Reboot

Completed Reboot, Login as non-root-user:
- $ sudo dnf install zlib.i686 ncurses-libs.i686 bzip2-libs.i686
- $ sudo dnf install java-17-openjdk java-17-openjdk-devel
- $ sudo update-alternatives --config java
- $ sudo update-alternatives --config javac
- $ sudo dnf update
- $ sudo fapolicyd-cli --update
- Log Out, Reboot

Completed Java Installation, OS Updates, Policy Updates - Login as non-root-user:
Output of uname -a:
Linux localhost.localdomain 5.14.0-162.6.1.el9_1.x86_64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Nov 18 02:06:38 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Output of java --version
openjdk 17.0.6 2023-01-17 LTS
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Red_Hat- (build 17.0.6+10-LTS)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (Red_Hat- (build 17.0.6+10-LTS, mixed mode, sharing)

Output of javac --version:
javac 17.0.6

Output of whereis java:
java: /usr/bin/java /usr/lib/java /etc/java /usr/share/java /usr/share/man/man1/java.1.gz

Output of whereis /usr/lib/ /usr/lib64/

Output of where

Output of echo $PATH:

Download and Install IntelliJ IDEA using the following resources:
Install IntelliJ IDEA | IntelliJ IDEA Documentation
- $ sudo tar -xzf ideaIC-2023.1.tar.gz -C /opt
- $ sudo /opt/idea-IC-231.8109.175/bin/

ERROR OUTPUT from IDEA’s bundled java package:
/opt/idea-IC-231.8109.175/jbr/bin/java: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Manually Locate java and javac in the following directory:

Manually Locate in the following directory:

At this point, I have reproduced the above steps on multiple passes. Following this point, I have followed various guides to set variables or symbolic links to no effect. I may post them separately, since forum rules prevent new users from listing many links. In summary:

- Set JAVA_HOME in /etc/profile.d/ or /.bashrc
- Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in /etc/ or /.bashrc (followed by commands as ROOT)
- Creating symbolic links for IDEA and/or JAVA

Apologies for such a lengthy post, but I’m hoping to get past a lot of the initial discovery questions which have been posed in some of the other forums I’ve searched for results. My current suspicions are as follows:

- Output of “whereis” returns NULL, which seems like a major concern
- The “/jbr/bin/java” throwing the ERROR is the bundled package from the Intellij IDEA directory

I am not clear on how to move forward, given that all of the proposed solutions seem to fail me. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.