Rocky 8 or 9: Installing ZoneMinder

In reading How to Install ZoneMinder its instruction are for version 8, is it because it has not updated since 9 or it will not work on 9?

Greetings @nasheayahu. It appears that this package has been removed from the EPEL altogether. Even on a RL 8 install, with epel-release installed, and powertools enabled, zoneminder-http does not return any results. Again, with the EPEL enabled, dnf whatprovides zoneminder* finds no results either.

I was able to find a page for the package:

Which has instructions for 8 and 9 using RPM Fusion repositories.

Hope this helps.

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After a late night in successfully following,

ZoneMinder releases are hosted at RPM Fusion. New users should navigate to the RPM Fusion site then follow the instructions to enable that repo.

on this page, I used the subtitle

For users

Enable RPM Fusion on your system
and on this page I used the subtitle Command Line Setup using rpm / RHEL or compatible like CentOS

AppStream metadata

RPM Fusion repositories also provide Appstream metadata to enable users to install packages using Gnome Software/KDE Discover. Please note that these are a subset of all packages since the metadata are only generated for GUI packages.


The following command will install the required packages:
sudo dnf groupupdate core

Now I’m going through the README to put the finally touches, BUT I have a problem with the 8.7 version:

  1. I get this error on the Cockpit UI:
Unexpected error
Cockpit had an unexpected internal error.

You can try restarting Cockpit by pressing refresh in your browser. The javascript console contains details about this error (Ctrl-Shift-J in most browsers).

Messages are:

<prototype>: ExceptionPrototype { toString: toString(), name: Getter, message: Getter, … }
    _collectStartupConditionsTelemetry resource:///modules/BrowserGlue.sys.mjs:1605
    BG__onFirstWindowLoaded resource:///modules/BrowserGlue.sys.mjs:1702
    BG_observe resource:///modules/BrowserGlue.sys.mjs:949
    _delayedStartup chrome://browser/content/browser.js:2177
Missing resource in locale en-CA: devtools/client/toolbox.ftl
Missing resource in locale en-GB: devtools/client/toolbox.ftl

<Provider> does not support changing `store` on the fly. It is most likely that you see this error because you updated to Redux 2.x and React Redux 2.x which no longer hot reload reducers automatically. See for the migration instructions. react-redux.js:881:13
  1. The Network Manager does not work using the Settings / Network. I can not update the changes, so I’m going to install 9.1. This is a heads-up for any who is going to try 8.7.

And thanks for your reply and help @sspencerwire :+1:

Well I completed the README instruction for 8.7 and successfully have it running with a USB Web Camera. So now going to erase it and install 9.1…