Rocky 8.8 and smsd?

Hi, has anyone tried to send sms via smsd under Rocky 8.8?
I’m running Nagios on Rocky and also would like to send SMS from Nagios.
I’ve an older installation with CentOS 7.9 where it works.
I’m using exactly the same SMS-GW hardware (based on quectel ec25 lte) connected to USB.
But it seems that modem does not answer to the commands send from smsd.
It is the same smsd.conf like on the older CentOS.
But I can send SMS with the modemmanager mmcli. So the modem itself is ok and also basic communication with Linux works.
But of course it would be easier to implement into Nagios with sendsms.

The answer was easy.
I had to turn off the ModemManager.
It seems ModemManager and SMStools can not coexist to control the same modem.
Of course, ModemManager is there by default.

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