RH released 9.3 a week ago

Any word on getting RL released after the source code fiasco?

It will be released when it’s ready.

Just glad to know that the question is when instead of whether. No rush to get it.

I just visited the 9.3 download page and saw that there is a Boot ISO option now, that’s new if I’m not mistaken. I have built some boxes using Oracle Linux 9 to run Security Onion and really like their boot ISO. It fits on a DVD and installs the core system and immediately downloads and installs all the other stuff to make a functional server running the Gnome GUI. That’s really great if you’re using boxes that flatly refuse to boot from flash disks, as I am. Previous RL installs involved booting the minimal ISO then enabling all the repos and installing by hand. I assume (and hope) the RL boot ISO works the same way.

The boot.iso is a normal part of all of our releases, as we need it to generate the minimal and dvd images. We have boot images that go all the way back to our first official release of 8.4. It is guaranteed that there will always be a boot iso provided on each release.

Hmm I guess I didn’t know what I was doing previously. Boy I could have saved much hassle had I known. Well I won’t be doing any more minimal installs.

I’m quite sure that “boot” images have existed. I have not paid attention to webpage for what links it has had.

These days I do always choose “minimal” regardless of whether I boot with “DVD”, “Minimal”, or “Boot” image or with PXE boot. With or without kickstart file. What I do then is in Ansible playbook. It does all the things that I could have done by hand.

Better yet, as things evolve, I can update the play and run it again. That keeps config of every managed machine up to date. Ansible is not the only configuration management system, but it is included in the distro and Red Hat documents examples for RHEL.

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