RESF using OpenVPN

Question, is the only way to use a VPN is through a VPN Server? I’ve read this Firewalld not passing traffic between zones (WireGuard) and if so, I would like to be linked to a good tutorial on how to configure a VPN Server using Wireguard / OpenVPN (whichever is best).

I’m using ExpressVPN on my LinuxMint and would like for my servers to do the same thanks!..

P.S. Yesterday after finding out about Centos being phased out at year end and reading the discussions on how disappointing to many, I found Rocky. I want to say, I’m very happy to have found it before going into production mode by next summer. So, I’ve dropped RHEL and will be subscribing to fund RESF success.


The guide linked here:

Should do the trick.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks, appreciate the reply!..

The version of firewalld in el8 (0.8.2) lacks support for proper router. Policy Objects: Introduction | firewalld

An option is to replace firewalld.service with nftables.service and generate (manually) proper nftables ruleset