Recommended Certificate authority

Does any have recommendation for a simple and easy to setup Certificate authority? I have tried to setup Step-CA with podman but no luck. There are so many options. I want to setup a CA for my home lab. If you have any tutorial recommendations those are also appreciated.

The simplest certificate authority is of course just using openssl commands.
But tbh, we (company, I) stuck to step-ca, it’s pretty straight forward, only visibility is a bit lacking.
We are using the RPM (which is published on every release in their GH releases) on a DMZed machine, with a PostgreSQL DB, works pretty well for our usecases (mostly ACME enrollment)

I did use that for “home lab” many EL major versions ago.
A more recent command was certutil (and RHEL has documentation for it).
The next “level” is to use IPA, which includes CA, DNS, Kerberos, LDAP, etc.

I don’t know about podman, but with OpenVPN, I usually use easy-rsa (which is part or the OpenVPN project). easy-rsa is available on epel.