Receiving a 403 error attempting to download anything from Elrepo using Rocky 9

I am attempting to retrieve packages from Elrepo but for unknown reasons I am receiving a 403 Forbidden message from their server. I am running Rocky 9 as a VPS instance provided by Vultr. My only guess is that they may have restricted access through this particular cloud service?? Which makes no sense at all. I am not receiving this error on my laptop which i use to access my VPC.

Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
2022-11-05 23:25:35 ERROR 403: Forbidden.
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I just want to get the wireguard kernel module. I just tried to compile it from source instead but all of the development tools are provided by elrepo as well. How frustrating. Looks like I might have to grab all the tools from somewhere else unless there’s a fix for this. Perhaps I should contact elrepo or vultr or both and theyll have some insight.
Has anyone else encountered this issue?
WTH is going on?

edit: i just noticed that the request was made using https when elrepo only supports http. (why?) so theres the reason i guess. any more insight is welcome. how do i force dnf to use http instead?

You can use one of the mirrors to get elrepo’s packages.

If you wish to retrieve them from, try sending your IP address to to find out if yours is being blocked.

By the way, if you are running Rocky 9, you don’t need the kmod package. Wireguard is natively supported in the EL9 kernel.

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