Question regarding Filesystem/partition manipulation

I’m studying for the RHCSA, and am currently working with fdisk and parted to learn more about creating, configuring, using, and deleting partititions - to this end, I purchased a 128GB USB drive for my Rocky VM (latest version), which is being administered by Virtualbox, version 6.1.

After a bit of work, I was finally able to have VM see the USB drive - but, before I could begin in creating partitions, I noticed that while the overall space was noticed, the partitions within the drive show wildly different readings for their individual space - and I don’t know why:

I tried looking around for information on why that is the case - but I haven’t been able to find much. Has anyone run into this - and, could you provide some insight on why I am seeing drastically different readings on the partitions’ space, vs. the overall drive’s space?

First a tip: you can probably copy-paste text from terminal. Text is nicer to handle in post than bitmap images.

What output do you get with

sudo lsblk

The first output for /dev/sdb looks fine.

Running fdisk on /dev/sdb1, which is already a partition, makes no sense and therefore gives you garbage data.