Psql 14.4 installed rpm , but dnf update replace psql 14.11 , where is fixed repo using dnf install

I know that it is correct behavior for dnf to overwrite the PATCH installed with rpm.
postgresql was reported index problems 14.0-14.3 , we do like tu use 14.4 .

prm file found ""
psql -V
psql (PostgreSQL) 14.4

after dnf update , psql was downgrade 14.1 .
this case , write exclude optin in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf .
but we need dnf usigng xxxx.repo rights version.

these case was depend( responcebility) on rocky , or,. Postgres , red-hat ?


Since Rocky/RHEL 9 doesn’t have a Postgres 14.x, it only has by default Postgres 13, or a module stream for Postgres 15, then the problem has nothing to do with Rocky/RHEL.

The postgres community repository has a lot of versions in their repository. It shouldn’t downgrade on it’s own. Most likely is misconfiguration on your server that has done this. But since the package has come from the postgres repository, you should be asking on their forums as to why it happened. Although I suggest you check your system first to make sure it’s not user-error on your part.

Customer request , curent is PSQL 12.x update to 14.x
14.0 <> 14.3 has index Bugs.
we try to use
dnf install

we will sugest Customer , Update 15.x
regards!& really appreciate !!

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