Problem with Logwatch since the last update

Since I updated a few days ago. Something has changed in my Logwatch files
I used to get this:

Unmatched Entries
Reloading The Apache HTTP Server.: 1 Time(s)
certbot-renew.service: Succeeded.: 2 Time(s)
dnf-makecache.service: Succeeded.: 17 Time(s)
mlocate-updatedb.service: Succeeded.: 1 Time(s)
session-77.scope: Succeeded.: 1 Time(s)
session-78.scope: Succeeded.: 1 Time(s)
session-79.scope: Succeeded.: 1 Time(s)
systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service: Succeeded.: 1 Time(s)
unbound-anchor.service: Succeeded.: 1 Time(s)

Now, it’s missing, so haw an I supposed to know if my LetsEncrypt certificate has been renewed?

Is this fixable or is it a bug in the last update?

A much better way to check your letsencrypt certificates have renewed is use this:

certbot certificates

it will output a list of the certificates you have and their dates. Your output above just shows that the service has ran two times, but doesn’t necessarily mean that the renewal occured.

Is there any way to add this to logwatch? Would a cron job be better? I don’t fancy having to try to remember this every day!

You can run it by cron yes.

Done. Working fine, Thanks

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