Problem installing Rocky 8.7 on intel rnuc12snki72000

I tried to install Rocky 8.7 on an Intel rnuc12snki72000, a 12th gen i7 with A770M display card, from a USB flash drive with iso image download from official site.

At first, the box keeping telling me “A bootable device has not been detected”. Since UEFI boot is the only option for that box, so I boot into UEFI shell, and launch BOOTX64.EFI from there. However, after verifying media, there is only one underline cursor blinking on the left top corner of the screen.

I have installed quite a few Rocky 8.7 one ASROCK’s DeskMini and DeskMeet with nVidia display card in recent days. Never encounter such problem before. Any idea what I can do? Thank!