Package announcements via Email status?

Long time Centos user looking to migrate. I’m looking for the announcements like the old Centos announce list provided? Like this one:

Subject: [CentOS-announce] CESA-2024:1935 Low CentOS 7 thunderbird Security Update

I don’t see anything like I tin the archives. These were my trigger to do controlled updates.

Is there a different list for these?

I see they appear to be here: But is there a way to get Emailed about them like Centos used to do?

Some history: We used to have emails, but they were manual and we only had Rocky Linux 8. However, as the project grew (and responsibilities grew as a direct result) and with Rocky Linux 9’s introduction, we had to stop doing manual emails. It became no longer feasible to do these as volunteers.

With the creation of our build system peridot and the errata system apollo, we had discussed back and forth about having email announcements of errata or updates in general. While the idea behind it was sound and folks would benefit from it, this like other things were put as low priority as maintaining Rocky Linux itself and our other initiatives within take precedence. Maintaining a distribution is tough all by itself.

Most should know that we’re volunteers on this project. Since we are volunteers on this project, we unfortunately have to pick and choose what takes the highest priority. Rocky Linux as the distribution and the platform for our SIG’s initiatives are always at the top first and foremost. Someone can make the argument that errata and email announcements are up there too and I partially agree. Though I have to point out that maintaining our errata application and having it apply cleanly to the packages we ship is difficult as it is (we had this discussion before in our mattermost security channel).

With that being said, we encourage others out there who want to see these things become a reality or make what we have better to join our mattermost, look at our git repositories, and see if and how you can help us. We are always looking for help in this area.

One more thing, we have RSS feeds, which is something CentOS has (and still maintains) as well. This doesn’t replace email announcements, but it was a common request we received in the past.

Apollo: distro-tools/apollo at main · resf/distro-tools · GitHub
Peridot: GitHub - rocky-linux/peridot: Cloud-native build and release tools tailored to building, releasing and maintaining Linux distributions and forks

Thank you for the explanation. I never use RSS, might have to give it a try.

I got RSS setup, but it seems to be idle/inactive. I’ve seen several security announcements from other distro sources, for 8 and 9, but nothing on the eratta RSS feed. Maybe I’m using the wrong thing. I set up RSS from this webpage:
Little fuzzy what to use as a RSS feed address for the list at:
as that is not a normal RSS feed address, like for example

Pick an XML link for the architecture and repository relevant to you and add it to your reader.

There are multiple ways that RSS feed URL’s seem to exist, and this being one of them. Adding “/rss” to a URL on some blog websites is also another way. Most point to a single XML file.

The feeds at that link are per-repository and per-architecture, as generated by our script and configured by our ansible vars and tasks.

We don’t have a single feed for everything, if that is what you’re looking for. Is there a need to have a full and complete feed of “everything”, regardless of repository and architecture?

Thank you. I didn’t realize there were so many variants per architecture. The webpage list I linked makes more sense (to me) now that I understand.

Barring any VPS provider saying anything explicit about which variant they deploy, I’ll assume they use Base (Rocky-Linux-8-x86_64-BaseOS)
I’ll try watching that one.

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