Nvidia gpu drivers, True 10-bit displays and color profiles

Hi all,
I’m totally new to Linux and I need some help if that’s okay. I am a freelance 3D Artist and I want to set up a workstation using Rocky Linux. I want to comply with the latest recommendations from the VFX Reference Platform.

I’m running an ProArt Display PA32UCX-PK, which is capable of true 10-bit. However, I noticed that the nvidia gpu drivers don’t have anywhere showing options to turn on 10-bit.

Another issue is that my ProArt Display PA32UCX-PK, is not supported on Linux so I can’t use the software that changes the color profiles.

  • Is there a proper way to use color profiles ?
  • Is there a recommended method for calibrating monitors?
  • Can I calibrate my monitor using the Asus app on windows or Mac and save that to an icc profile?


@stevejjd - Steve, I contacted the company that bought the ColorChecker line of monitor calibration tools to see if I could get my ColorMunki working and this is their response:

“The CM Smile was a very cheap ($99) display calibrator that was never supported in any X-Rite SDK. That’s why you won’t see it as a supported device in third party software applications. X-Rite and Calibrite have never supported Linux operating systems. However, there is a freeware called DisplayCAL (by Argyll) that just might support the CM Smile and Linux.

Check it out at: https://displaycal.net/“

I have not gotten a chance to try this yet so all I can say is good luck….


Thanks so much for getting back to me. Ill definitely check this out and give it a go. My current work around is to just do all work on my linux PC and the colour grading on my mac.

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