Number of LVM from Volume Group

If for example i have volume group of 60 GB. Can i create different Logical volumes out of that? Meaning i will create one Logical volume called LVM 1 and will have three different partitions of 10 GB each. Technically i still have 30 GB remaining from my volume group, can i still allocate it to another Logical volume 2 and then logical volume 3 until all space are used?

Is there a limit to how many logical volumes can be created out of volume group?

And when creating file system in rocky linux specifically, which is recommended EXT4 or XFS, as i have read that XFS can only be enlarged but not reduced, is it true?

First, Red Hat writes a lot about LVM in: Configuring and managing logical volumes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 | Red Hat Customer Portal

Second, some possible limits: Appendix A LVM Specifications and Limitations
So “yes”, there is a limit. Is the safest estimate, 255 LVs per VG, enough for you?

You don’t usually put a partition table into a volume.