Node.js 20 LTS addition to appstream

Hi, I’m new to rocky and these forums so hopefully this is the right spot for this q.

Does anyone know when Node.js 20 (LTS) will be added to the Rocky8 appstream? Would be nice to use the features and improvements in version 20 but I couldn’t find any info online. I’ve been using node 20 a different way but though appstream would be cool.

When i run dnf module list nodejs* in the rockylinux:8 image, I get versions 10,12,14,16, and 18 in appstream.

Nodejs 20 will come with 8.9 once we release it. We have not yet started testing and validating our 8.9 builds just yet. Even so, nodejs 20 has been built and will come with the release we push out.

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looking forward to it! thank you.

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