No dhclient command in Rescue Mode


On my CentOS 7 boxes, I’ve sometimes used the Rescue Mode for data retrieval.

Boot the install media > Troubleshooting > Rescue CentOS system.

After entering the shell, I displayed available network interfaces:

# ip addr

And then I brought up the interface like this for example:

# dhclient enp3s0

I just tried this with a Rocky Linux 8.4 USB Key. Booted into Rescue Mode, displayed available network interfaces, but then I get this:

sh: dhclient: command not found

Any suggestions ?


I just did it now after booting into rescue:

nmcli -t device

for me I then got enp1s0 as my device, so then I did this:

nmcli con up enp1s0

it then got a dhcp address and I can now access the network.


Thanks very much ! That did the trick !

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