Nginx extras package repository

Hello. I am trying to install Nginx extras package on Rocky Linux 8.5. Unfortunately I found just this repository which is paid. If I compare with Debian distribution Nginx extras are free in default repository. So for RHEL family is disadvantage. Is there any way how to get this extras package for free and keep updates ? Thank you

According to the debian package:

it’s pretty much just extra modules, etc. So, if that’s the case, it’s probably just enough to do:

dnf install nginx-all-modules

I would check that and see if that brings in all the modules. I can see it does bring in the perl module amongst others, but whether it brings in all the functionality of nginx-extras in Debian I’m not sure. Install and see if it does what you want.

Either way, since Rocky is a 1-1 of RHEL, so if RHEL doesn’t have it, then Rocky won’t either. Ideally such a request should go to third-party repositories, for example Epel, rpmforge, or some other since the official ones aren’t going to get it unless RHEL add it to theirs.

Thanx for answer. I understand that Rocky Linux is RHEL and you cant do anything. I wonder if there another comunity repo. In this time I need **nginx-module-headers-more** for my Nginx and I cant find it

I guess until it does appear in a third-party repository like epel, or something else, your only option is to get it from source: