News about RHEL 9.4, CentOS 7, and CIQ Bridge

This looks like a promising way to keep a C7 server going until I can bring up a replacement. I’m wondering what the CIQ Bridge product costs. (I replace the hardware when I do a major OS upgrade. So I’m shopping for bare metal to put the next OS on.)

Why not reach out to CIQ and ask? If it’s important for you, reaching out to them directly would be your best option. It’s unlikely you’ll receive an answer to the question here.

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Yes, but that should have been planned five years ago.

If there’s some very specific library that only works on CentOS 7, there may be some value in it, but keeping up with security will be hard without the newer upsteam versions, you want to backport something into openssl 1.x?

The real answer is to write down all the things you need to run and then decide if it can work in RHEL 9.x