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Hello, I’m new to Rocky Linux and let’s see if you can help me. I currently have Apache 2.4.57 installed, I would like to know how I can know when the latest available version will be in the official repos: Apache 2.4.58.

Rocky will only have the later version when RHEL has the later version (since Rocky is based on RHEL).

You also have to bear in mind, that the latest version may also not make it into RHEL. But RHEL do backport fixes into earlier versions if they are affected.

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Explained in Security Backporting Practice - Red Hat Customer Portal

The RHEL ideology (and hence Rocky) is that one can create a (http) server at 9.0 and then run it a decade without the point updates requiring changes. Rebasing Apache could change features of Apache and thus break existing installations. Therefore, Red Hat avoids that.