New error message in logs triggered by connecting to cockpit

After recent upgrade Rocky 9.1 > 9.2, I am seeing the following error message in the logs on opening a browser connection to cockpit.

pam_listfile(cockpit:auth): Couldn’t open /etc/cockpit/disallowed-users

Apart from the error message in the logs, cockpit appears to be functioning normally.

When I have a look, the file /etc/cockpit/disallowed-users doesn’t actually exist, which probably explains the error. I am wondering if I should just create it as an empty file? I would expect that cockpit should create the file itself, so maybe a bug?

I did a google search for the error message but didn’t find anything useful.

Any thoughts on this?

Doing some searching I found that the “disallowed-users” file is part of the installed package cockpit-ws yet the install script omits installing the file. Now do we need it, maybe not. It is probably something you create on a use case basis. There is a guide but I’m too lazy to read it now.