Need to install wkhtmltopdf for rocky linux 9, how?

I just install rocky linux 9, and need to install wkhtmltopdf 0.12.6,
at this link it was available for centos 8 before, wkhtmltopdf

But Rocky Linux 9 seems not supported yet, almalinux9 is already there, is it compatible?
Any clue how to intsall from the tar.gz file?

Thank you,

To be honest, it would have been better for them just to label the rpm as EL9 instead of making it for a specific distribution. Since RHEL == Rocky, and RHEL == Alma, then Rocky is the same as Alma and you can use that rpm.

It’s almost like me using an Ubuntu deb package on Linux Mint. Mint is based on Ubuntu, so will work fine.

Thank you @iwalker for your kind reply and information. Yes, I agree if that is the same better to label with the more general one, or at least mention all distributions related.

I will try to install it, hope it is ok.

Yes, although some applications do read strings from files like ‘/et/release’, which are not identical.

For example, Ansible did require a patch that says: “Rocky IS-A RHEL”. Before that Ansible did treat Rocky as just an another distro, rather than apply its rules for “RHEL family”.

I don’t think that wkhtmltopdf does that. It does not seem like an application that cares where it runs.

Yep agreed, another prime example was Zimbra, that it wouldn’t install unless a distro-override parameter was passed. And even then it wasn’t always guaranteed to work.