My Rocky Linux appears to have Malware or a Virus On it

I don’t know what happened. I think my Rocky Linux caught some Malware or something. It’s called Windows 10!


KVM with virt-manager as a gui is so much better and faster than Virtualbox. I recommend it seriously.


I will give it a try. This is just a playing around box that I built. I have decided to look for a job where I can do Linux for a living, and not work for the Government, so I am brushing up on my Linux.

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hi @synack2 sorry for the delay in providing your RockyLinux MissionCritical™ Support.

we’ve been consulting on this and the conclusion from the engineers was that the only solution is burn with flame - we’ve consulted with experts and Oxyacetylene is recommended. You must ensure that there is no remnant of the data container that had the Malware on it. If you have a particularly heroic co-worker they might try switching to runlevel 1 (telinit 1) ensuring that no other processes are running (ps ax - kill anything suspicious using kill -9 <processid> ) and then use the shred command to destroy the disk contents before you burn it. Most experts say, though, that if you properly and completey destroy the disk there is little chance of the malware spreading. Absolutely critical, if you choose to avoid the shred step is that there should be no identifiable particles of silicon bigger than 1mm^3 remaining. To achieve certainty you may need to combine an industrial grinder with your heat based destruction process.

Only by doing this to all computers with this malware can the world by truly safe.

Please remember to use appropriate PPE at all times when disposing of this threat. Your local chemical industries supplier should be able to provide experties if you don’t have an on site consultant.

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Hey there is a simple fix , boot into the malware and delete system 32 and system 64.