Mutliple copies of Rocky Linux on boot screen

Another newbie question, I’m afraid!

When I first installed Rocky Linux, the boot screen offered me the choice of the version of Linux I was running, Windows Boot Manager and System Set-up (I’m running a dual-disc dual-boot arrangement so that my Windows and Linux systems are on separate discs).

I have since installed three system updates. Now the boot screen offers me the current version of Rocky Linux and the three older ones I no longer use, including a “rescue” version, together with the Windows offerings as above.

Presumably, the older versions of Linux are taking up disc space. Do I need them? If not, how can I get rid of them?

Thank you for your help.

They are earlier “kernels”. Update of regular package replaces old version, but new kernels are added – if something in package update goes wrong, then one could end up without any kernel.

One can list this type of packages with:
dnf rq --installonly
and even leave the latest from the list:
dnf rq --installonly --latest=-1

One could remove those older packages.
Three might be the limit of how many versions are kept; older will be automatically removed as new updates get installed.

The kernel packages do not take huge amount of space.

Hi there,

Thank you so much. I won’t worry about them, then. I was beginning to wonder whether I was going to end up with 100 of the things!