Missing php-imap package in Rocky Linux 8


I’m currently setting up Dolibarr, an ERP/CRM software that uses a LAMP server.

The application needs a variety of PHP modules. I’ve activated the PHP 7.4 channel since it’s the LTS version under Rocky Linux 8 and I found all PHP modules except one. Looks like the php-imap module is missing.

Any idea how I can install this ?




I believe php-imap is in remi’s repo:-

Regards Tom.

imap extension requires libc-client library, provided by uw-imap project which is dead for years (last version from 2007)

Nobody should use it.

imap extension have recently been removed from PHP (and moved to pecl) for this reason.

Some pure-PHP alternatives exist, ex laminas-mail - Laminas Docs

Indeed, available in my repository, provided for legacy applications.


Thanks for the clarification ! Curiously enough, php-imap is listed as a requirement in Dolibarr’s installer since version 16.0.0 up to the last 18.0.4 (but not before).

Go figure.

For your information, imap extension is not mandatory for Dolibarr (since v17) only optional

Its optional usage will be dropped later (v20 or v21)

See Laurent Destailleur (@laurentd_eldy) on Threads

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