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over the last few days I had a look into the CentOS mirrorlist code (used to run mirrorlist[.]centos[.]org) at https://github.com/CentOS/mirrorlists-code

I found it very difficult to set up and it lacks good documentation.

So I came up with an alternative implementation, now available at https://github.com/stevemeier/mirrorlist

It’s written entirely in Go, supports different database backends, has REST-Style endpoints and easily serves 3.000+ requests per second (on my test box).

I hope this is a useful contribution to the project. PRs to improve it are welcome.

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+1 to this idea, we’ll need one anyway once people start mirroring our repos (once those exist, lol).


I was thinking of using mirrorbits for this - interested to hear people’s thoughts. https://github.com/etix/mirrorbits

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The more alternatives, the better.

Reading through the GitHub page it sounds very promising and certainly more feature-rich then what I wrote. However, I am not sure if it is suitable for YUM/DNF repositories or if it seems to be primarily used for single stand-alone files.

Might be worth adding a note to this issue?

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Mirrorbits is currently used by XCP-ng for their mirrors for both package distribution (yum) and ISOs download: