Migrate pxe and kickstart install from CentOS8.2 to Rocky8.4 failed

I have a working pxe + kickstart installation procedure for CENTOS 7.7 and 8.2
the installation is via https and been working with other OS as well.

I tried to modify it to work with Rocky 8.4 but i couldn’t make it work.
I’m installing it on a VMware guest ( LINUX 64BIT ) with EFI boot.

I copied the BOOTX64.EFI and grubx64.efi as well as the initrd.img and vmlinuz from the DVD iso to the correct tftpboot path.
when i boot the guest it gets an ip address and the dhcp/tftp logs shows the file “BOOTX64.EFI”
being download succesfully and then it stops.

if replace “BOOTX64.EFI” with the same file from the centos8.2 it continue to download successfully “grubx64.efi”
and fail for mismatch ( expected result )

for some reason with Rocky 8.4 the boot pxe fail to download “grubx64.efi”
any suggestions ?


Have you disabled secure boot for your guest?

If not that is likely the issue.

Rocky Linux does not yet have secure boot support. See other posts in the forum about secure boot for ESXi and HyperV and you’ll see similar information.

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That did the trick !!!
thank you very much