metadata corruption detected at xfs_sb_write_verify+0x5c/0x100[xfs], xf_sb block 0x0

Metadata corruption detected at xfs_sb_write_verify+0x5c/0x100[xfs], xf_sb block 0x0

Tell me how to solve the problem? This is a logging server and log data needs to be saved?
Thanks in advance for your answer!


On the third line in the screenshot it says umount and run xfs_repair. You will need to boot your system from a CD/DVD/USB or ISO image to be able to fix the affected partition.

How to use xfs_repair, some examples here: how to use xfs_repair - Google Search

Will I need to boot from a Linux Live CD? After doing unmount and running xfs_repair?

You will need to boot from Live CD yes or from the Rocky ISO in rescue mode, the partitions will already be unmounted then. On a booted system it won’t be possible to unmount, but I think from your screenshot your system isn’t booting anyway.

The logic is that you

  1. have to run xfs_repair, but
  2. cannot xfs_repair filesystem that is mounted (in use)
  3. cannot unmount actively used filesystem, like /
    (/boot and /home are not always used actively – e.g. when no regular users logged in nor dnf on cron)
  4. thus cannot run the OS that does use those currently used filesystems

That leaves any OS that does not boot nor use the filesystems that the machine has.
A Live CD is such, but the Rocky install media is such too. It does have troubleshooting
mode in addition to the install modes. You have had some Rocky install media, because
you have an installed Rocky (unless this machine is some VM from image). If you still have
the media, you can start boot with it, but choose option other than install.

IIRC, it then offers to find and mount filesystems of installed system. Choose ‘no’.
All you need is shell to run commands in.

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Apart from repairing that others covered already, the following sticks out to me:

“Corruption of in-memory data detected”

So maybe this machine has a RAM problem. Just saying…

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