Mapping AD Authenticated Windows Shares on Login

I am having problems - because obviously, mount requires sudo membership.

The AD Join and permissions are working.

But accessing the windows shares at a user level is not .
I have use gvfs and udisks before as I recall - can anyone offer any advice please?

GVFS commands seem to be unknown

The command gio mount is a user-level command (no sudo required) good for making connections that you’ll mostly use in a GUI file manager, but it doesn’t mount things to a nice path like the traditional mount command.

pam_mount is another option that works for more traditional mounts.

Thanks Linde,
I did some more digging and found gio mount.
Agreed the path could be better - but it works.
My problem is getting my valid kerberos ticket through so the users isn’t asked for creds.

I am playing with my smb.conf

Any suggestions gratefully received.

It has occurred to me if I could work out the inline syntax I could use $password and $username perhaps but I can’t seem to pipe the gio mount the creds

Seems to be that gvfs / gnome is now using the valid kerberos ticket.
I put it in debug mode and it worked … archh…now I am not sure what I’ve done that fixes it.

pam mount seems to be depreciated from 9 also