Malaysia Translation

helo i’m from malaysia and hope can bring malaysia developer to make translation for bahasa malaysia for rocky linux.

selamat datang pengemar open source dari malaysia di sini . harap bantu terjemah ke dalam bahasa malaysia ya tq .

Hello there!

I don’t want you to feel as if no one is paying attention or hearing your offers of translations. Right now there is work underway on translating the Rocky Linux website, and you can take part in website translation via Github and joining in the #rocky-www channel on Slack. You can also learn more about how to contribute to various teams on the wiki Contributing page.

Right now there isn’t a Rocky Linux build that is ready to translate, but once there is I’ll post here in the Localization category to make sure you don’t miss that opportunity to help.

I don’t speak in an official capacity for the Rocky Linux Project but I wanted to come here and say thank you for all of this support for the project! My post is not intended to be the end of this conversation, just an update so that you know you’re seen and your support is appreciated :slight_smile:

(Apologies if you are already aware of these ways to contribute or are already doing so. I’m posting this message to the various language discussions in the Localization category.)

Im in bro. Saya boleh tolong apa yang saya boleh.