LZ4 latest rpm unavailable for RockyLinux8

Hi Team,
LZ4 version available for RockLinux8 is lz4-1.8.3-3.el8_4.x86_64.rpm
but for RockLinux9 lz4-1.9.3-5.el9.x86_64.rpm

When can we expect the latest version [LZ4 v1.9.4] for RockyLinux8?

Releases · lz4/lz4 · GitHub [LZ4 v1.9.4]

There will be no further updates to the lz4 library. 8.10 is on the way and 1.8.3-3.el8_4 remains the latest version available.

Is there a specific reason why you need a newer version on 8?