LTO9 tape not detecting

LTO9 tape not detecting. Not even detecting the drive using lsscsi -g. Assistance is greatly appreciated!

OS version is Rocky 8

So what is showing?
We definitely need more info than that.

  • Is this a completely new system, or did this hardware work on an earlier version of linux?
  • To what make and model controller is the tape drive attached?
  • etc.

hey LinuxGuy1997. Thanks for replying.

Here are some details about the system:
Dell PowerEdge T330
OS: Rocky Linux v8
Dell PERC H330 RAID Controller in (HBA mode)
Tape: HPE LTO9 45000 Ultrium Internal drive (connected via on-Motherboard SFF-8087 interface)

To answer the question “What is showing?”
Other devices such as the two HDDs, DVD-ROM and (for cable testing), a 3rd HDD connected on the same SFF cable to the LTO9 drive.

All those devices show in from the lsscsi -g terminal command.

Hopefully these details add some insight…