Login typing anomaly

I start up my Rocky 9.3 work station laptop most days.
Usually, I select myself (the only non-root user on the system) on the login page and can immediately type in my password.
Occasionally, however, I have to wait for over a minute after selecting the user before it will accept any password typing.
After that, all is normal.

Is there a greeter log in /var/log/gdm ? It might be lightdm, just depends on the display manager that is used.

/var/log/gdm exists but is empty

You can install rsyslog which will then populate the logs in …/gdm or you can use journalctl and pipe to grep.
journalctl -b | grep greeter

Read man journalctl for numerical options to “-b” and other means to parse the journal.

Journalctl -b|grep greeting returns nothing and a scan of the full output shows nothing to explain the delay.