Logger command multiple outputs

I’m seeing syslogs produced by the logger command with one copy for the short hostname per hostnamectl “static” (ie, “login00”) and one for the short hostname as resolved from the default interface (ie, “login00-eth0”). I did try changing the default interface (to ib0) to see if it tracks, and it does (ie, “login00-ib0”). I only see this for syslogs produced by the ‘logger’ command; I’ve found no repeats for other logs from audit, journald, systemd, rsyslog itself, etc. I also have locally installed and pxeboot/nfsroot systems with the same hostname convention and same rsyslog/auditd/journald configuration but only the pxeboot/nfsroot systems have this behavior. There are also CentOS 7.9 systems with the same conventions and general configuration, none of them do this. Just to be sure I’ve enabled/disabled journal and audit forwarding and tried changing the header/name/format for same in case it’s /etc/systemd/jourald.conf, it doesn’t track with those changes so that’s not the cause. Any ideas other than going through the debuginfo?

13:31:23 root@admin.godzilla:~ # hostname -s

13:31:24 root@admin.godzilla:~ # hostnamectl |grep -i static
   Static hostname: admin

13:31:32 root@admin.godzilla:~ # hostname -f

13:31:36 root@admin.godzilla:~ # logger "MARK $(date) MARK"

13:32:05 root@admin.godzilla:~ # tail /var/log/messages |grep MARK
Oct  6 13:32:05 godzilla-adm olagarde[371765]: MARK Thu Oct  6 13:32:05 EDT 2022 MARK

13:32:11 root@admin.godzilla:~ # ssh login00
Last login: Thu Oct  6 13:00:42 2022 from admin-ib0.godzilla.{REDACTED}

13:32:25 root@login00.godzilla:~ # hostname -s

13:32:30 root@login00.godzilla:~ # hostnamectl |grep -i static
   Static hostname: login00

13:32:36 root@login00.godzilla:~ # hostname -f

13:32:40 root@login00.godzilla:~ # logger "MARK $(date) MARK"

13:32:49 root@login00.godzilla:~ # tail /var/log/messages |grep MARK
Oct  6 13:32:49 godzilla00 root[18964]: MARK Thu Oct  6 13:32:49 EDT 2022 MARK
Oct  6 13:32:49 login00 root[18964]: MARK Thu Oct  6 13:32:49 EDT 2022 MARK