Local repository, how to avoid deleting client's local repo file?


I’ve created a local repository using this article [1], and it works pretty great, except that every time there a update of the rocky-release package, the public repo files get installed again, I tried to exclude that package on dnf.conf, but it causes dependencies issues.
Is there a way to avoid installing the public repo files on the client machine and use only the local file?

[1] Setup local YUM/DNF repo server Rocky Linux 8 [Step-by-Step] | GoLinuxCloud


I would highly recommend not to delete any of the repo files that rocky-repos provides as they will just come back. I also highly recommend not holding back the rocky-* package versions in any way.

In my opinion, it would be better to do the following:

  • Comment out mirrorlist and uncomment baseurl on each repo
  • Set baseurl to your local repo URL path

When you do this, the repo files will not be overwritten as anything in /etc/yum.repos.d/ that is managed by rocky-repos is considered a configuration file, and thus will not be overwritten when updates are issued. You could also set everything to enabled=0 and then have your own custom repo file there and you would get the same effect.

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