Livecd-creator aborts on Rocky-8.9

Hi Nazunalika:

Making some progress on the difficulty with Livemedia-creator.

Some preliminary obervations:

-I’ve belatedly realized that we’ve faced this problem before, last January,
when you were guiding me through the use/creation of kickstart files, as
described in the post,
Installation Problem with Rocky-8-XFCE-x86_64-latest - #13 by LenE

-A difficulty/some confusion was created by the fact that the
Rocky-8.9-minimal.iso was configured with kernel-4.18.0-513.5.1.el8_9.x86_64,
and subsequently there is a new version available,
The mock software always uses the latest kernel available, so before working
with mock, it is essential to update to the latest kernel,
sudo yum upgrade kernel kernel-*, in order to achieve valid results.

-Further tests on my HP Compaq DC5800 failed in the same way as previously.
It only has 2GB of memory, and it may not be enough to run livemedia-creator ??

My HP Pavilion Media Center M8247c has 3GB of memory, and the sata disk
On the latest mock runs, in the mock -r rocky-8-x86_64 --install command of
your procedure, I inserted kmod-sata_nv-3.5-9.el8_9.elrepo.x86_64.rpm in the
front of the package list.

The following shows the test results:

2023-12-14 18:33:30,990: Starting automated install...
2023-12-14 18:33:30,990: ================================================================================
2023-12-14 18:33:31,012: ================================================================================
2023-12-14 18:33:31,012: Installation
2023-12-14 18:33:31,012: 
2023-12-14 18:33:31,012: 1) [x] Language settings                 2) [x] Time settings
2023-12-14 18:33:31,023: (English (United States))                (US/Eastern timezone)
2023-12-14 18:33:31,023: 3) [!] Installation source               4) [!] Software selection
2023-12-14 18:33:31,023: (Error setting up software               (Error checking software
2023-12-14 18:33:31,023: source)                                  selection)
2023-12-14 18:33:31,023: 5) [ ] User creation
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: (No user will be created)
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: 
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: 
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: The installation was stopped due to an error which occurred while running in non-interactive cmdline mode. Since there cannot be any questions in cmdline mode, edit your kickstart file and retry installation.
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: The exact error message is:
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: 
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: The following mandatory spokes are not completed:
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: Installation source
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: Software selection.
2023-12-14 18:33:31,024: 
2023-12-14 18:33:31,025: The installer will now terminate.

The two runs terminated with this same result.
The first one used Rocky-8-XFCE.ks, the 2nd used rocky-8-xfce-elrepo.ks.

Given that these kickstarts were created by an expert, I don’t understand why
these messages came up.

Len E.