Leap frog from centos 7 to Rocky 8 or 9? expected backward compatibility

if I where to update a Centos 7 cluster to RockyLinux 8.4 or newer. is it a most to first upgrade to centos 8 ?

What are the core considerations you have had for this update?

To use the migrate2rocky tool, you would need to be on CentOS 8.x first.

Once you are on CentOS 8.x, then the most important thing is to:

  • have a backup
  • disable any 3rd party repositories

before you run the conversion script. I’d also suggest reading the documentation in that migrate2rocky link, to make sure you have everything square before starting.

Good Luck!

But that ship has sailed. There has been no CentOS Linux 8 since last year and there has never been supported in-place conversion from one CentOS major version to next major version.

This. No matter what one does, this is always important.

If you do have a cluster, then you probably have a way to configure and manage the cluster.
I do. Granted, it was rather blunt for a long time, but then I encountered configuration management systems and did put effort on learning basics of one (namely, Ansible).

Ideally, you do install cluster from scratch, deploy appropriate config, and restore user data. (I’ve seen clusters, where the “deploy config” was about run of one “Ansible playbook”.)