Kernel panik in install rocky 9

It’s possible to prove the CPU is causative here, by trying another EL, such as CentOS Stream 9. If that exhibits the same problem, then it at least indicates that the reason is elsewhere and nothing directly related to Rocky Linux.

You appear to be attempting to install Rocky Linux 9 using VMware Workstation, on Windows?

Even with a compatible CPU it’s possible that the hypervisor isn’t passing the correct CPU flags through to the VM…

Hmm… have you verified that Hyper-V is disabled in Windows? Also, ensure Memory Integrity is disabled as well (under Device Security-> Core Isolation, I think, and is enabled by default on W11)

yes !Hyper-V is disabled

how can i do this issue?

I have the same problem in Alma Linux 9.1

Of course you will. Rocky9 and Alma9 are the same as RHEL9. I expect the problem here is VM configuration as @LinuxGuy1997 said. The i7 is supported, if VMware is not passing that to the VM then it won’t work.

This link: VMware Knowledge Base

Seems to show that RHEL9 is not supported by certain VMware Workstation versions (12, 14, 15), so until it does, you cannot install it. VMware Workstation Pro 17 is the latest, so as you are using version 12 you need to upgrade it. The same was with ESXi, RHEL9 support didn’t come until ESX 6.7 or 7.0.

If you cannot upgrade VMware Workstation Pro 12 to 17, then you need to use Rocky 8 only.

I also think that the problem is the lack of VM virtual machine support. Because I tested it in another system which is CPU i7 and VMware workstation version 17, but it had the same problem. I have to wait for the virtual machine to support Rel 9 in the new versions.

I have to test in another system which is Baremetal. No virtual machine.

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