Issue updating from RL8 to RL9 - powertool repo

i try to update a server frmo Rocky linux 8 to Rocky linux 9
dnf -y --releasever=9 --allowerasing --setopt=deltarpm=false distro-sync

unfortunatly, i got an issue

Rocky Linux 9 - PowerTools                                                                                                                                   9.5 kB/s |  15 kB     00:01
Errors during downloading metadata for repository 'powertools':
  - Status code: 404 for (IP: 2a04:4e42:8d::644)
Error: Failed to download metadata for repo 'powertools': Cannot prepare internal mirrorlist: Status code: 404 for (IP: 2a04:4e42:8d::644)


Upgrading from 8 to 9 isn’t supported. Your best is to backup data and configs and restore on a new install on RL9.

But as for the specific issue, I think its because the powertools repo has been renamed for rhel9. So if you wanted to continue with the update (which is recommended or supported), disable power tools. And once updated re-enable with:

dnf config-manager --set-enable crb

Regards Tom.


As noted, upgrading from 8 to 9 is not supported. For more specific information on repository names (such as renamed repositories), see our wiki page that details it.

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