Is it possible to downgrade a minor version of Rocky Linux?

I confirmed that AWS has Rocky Linux AMI version 8.8 Is there a way to change the minor version at this time? For example, I wonder if there is a way to change it from 8.8->8.6 For reference, I would like to use version 8.6 on AWS.

Of course, I looked at the url(Cloud Images | Rocky Linux), but the company wants it to be officially(not Community AMI) posted on AWS Marketplace.

Thank you.

It is not possible to do this in any supported way. 8.6 is no longer supported. See this page for more information.

In principle 8.8 has merely fixes and some additional features over 8.7 and 8.6. Nothing radical.

In fact, for some of the components “APIs and ABIs are stable across three major releases”. See Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8: Application Compatibility Guide - Red Hat Customer Portal
That is one definition of “stable”. Sure, there are also component (libraries) that might require you(/someone) to rebuild your (third-party) packages for each point release.

The “would ilke to” is not a strong rationale. An “absolutely have to, no way around it” is, and for that Red Hat does (or did) sell RHEL 8.6 Extended Update Support subscription. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Extended Update Support (EUS) Overview - Red Hat Customer Portal
If you need that, then you have the money for it too …

RH’s rebase of the rdma-core package between 8.3 and 8.4 created some work for me, and we’re not quite out of Full Support and into Maintenance Support on EL8 like we are on EL7, where patches are even more uneventful. If you know specific packages you need to be particular versions you can replace your repos with the 8.6 Vault ones and dnf downgrade those packages – but if the requirement is “be EL8.6” then no downgrade process is going to accomplish that because you (and whatever entity is requiring “EL8.6”) will always be wondering if the downgrades were incomplete in some way or left incompatible state from having been installed as 8.8, since whatever hosts were used to certify 8.6 would not have been.

Unless those entities are superficial enough for the cheeky answer of just downgrading the /etc/redhat-release file. :slight_smile:

Part of what comes with images being “official” is specifically that they’re supported, which, like jlehtone wrote, 8.6 would be only by RH themselves. For everyone’s sake, please run software which receives security updates, holding back just the subset you’ve determined actually can’t, even if you have to share some of the money you’re paying the 8.6-insistent vendor, if that’s what’s going on.

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