IP Alias in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections

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Could you please let me know if old IP aliases will work in Rocky Linux 9.1? I tried adding one more file like eno1:1 but was not able to start.

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Why do you want to add an alias? Single interface can have multiple addresses (and on IPv6 always does).

How I can address multiple address (diffrent subnet)?

The man nm-settings describes:

ipv4 setting
IPv4 Settings.


      Alias: ip4

      Array of IP addresses.

      Format: a comma separated list of addresses

If I had connection “eno1”, I could set its addresses with:

nmcli con mod eno1 ipv4.addresses "," 

(That was addresses on two subnets.)

If I had control of the other end of the wire and that end would support VLANs, then I would rather create two VLANs, create the two VLAN connections on top of eno1, and assign IP addresses to the appropriate VLAN connections (preferably with DHCP). (See man nmcli-examples)