Installing r9.1 switch to one single underscore after "starting installer"

I am installing a 9.1 alongside my 8.7 but on a sperate drive, I dismounted my 8.7 nvme as well so as of now only my new nvme and a ssd I am using for swap are present in the system.
It boots onto my installer usb stick (minimal and dvd produce the same effect on different usb stick) and I choose start Rocky 9.1 and when the process indicates that it is ready to start the installer, it switch to a single underscore top left of my screen. and stays like that, I am guessing the installer should not take forever to kick ion right ?

Thank you for any advices.


I did the same process with the 8.5 image and it works as expected… Something weird here, either it is having issue with a dual monitor setup, but 8.5 doesn’t have that issue…

I confirm it is a dual screen problem, I disabled my second one and now the installing process with 9.1 is following as intended.