Installing pyqt libraries

How to install pyqt libraries?
On ubuntu these libraries are used

  • pyqt5-dev-tools
  • qttools5-dev-tools
  • qt5-default

Are there any way to install similar package from yum?


Please try

pip2 install PyQt5


pip3 install PyQt5

Thanks Tom.

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  • The pip is something that you run only as regular user, because you don’t want it to drop packages into system directories.
  • Python2 is deprecated (even though one can still install it to EL8)
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The question is, who has pyqt5?

$ dnf rq --whatprovides \*pyqt\*

The “sip” probably adds something for pyqt5, and 32bit … what does the 64bit python3-qt5-base have?

$ dnf rq -l python3-qt5-base.x86_64 | grep -i libpyqt5

If that is what you are looking for, then: sudo dnf install python3-qt5-base
That should install required Qt5 packages as dependencies.

Headers are in “*-devel” packages. See dnf list qt5-\*devel
I’d guess that qt5-qtbase-devel is what you need.

@jlehtone This was very useful. Thank you all.