Installing MailServer In Rocky LInux 9

hi champs,
I am facing an error in doing t=my assignment forr installing postfix and dovecot in my Rocky linux 9 to perform the Mail server action. I already installed and configured te postfix and dovecot in th emacj=hine. but when i start seding mail to my self after creating a new user nanme rocky. it works untill message body. after entering dot(.) in the next line it should show the EOT in the next line and email should be sent. BUT the problem is it dont show me EOT when i enter (.) and dosent finish the email process. and after pressing ctrl+c twice i can get out of this thing. and when i check the delivery of my mail by typing mail it shows no mail for you, like that.
Please help me to solve the issue, i am trying to solve i from previous week through different online platforms. BUt cant figure it out.

Check man s-nail

Thank you for your reply, i already install s-nail, so man s-nail for what, can you please explain a bit

Well, it seems that you have an issue with the CLI client - therefore I suggest to read the manual page of it …

rpm -qa | grep s-nail

mail -s ‘test’ user@domain.tld
To: user@domain.tld
Subject: test

Typing mail message text.

To send message ctrl+d

(Preliminary) Envelope contains:
To: user@domain.tld
Subject: test
Send this message [yes/no, empty: recompose]? yes

that is all :wink:

You said you typed a dot and control-C. Did you try typing control-D as the prompt asks?