Installing Latex editor


I recently received a laptop with Rocky 9.3 installed, and I couldn’t find how to install and which program is compatible with Rocky for Latex file editing.
Is there a way to install TexStudio (preferred) or any other program?

Thanks in advance!

Greetings @RockGross You should be able to install TexStudio using Flatpak. Steps:

  1. From the command-line, install flatpak sudo dnf install flatpak
  2. Install the repository: flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
  3. Reboot
  4. From the command-line again: flatpak install flathub org.texstudio.TeXstudio

You should then be able to find TexStudio in the “Activities” menu, just start typing “tex” and it should find it.

Good luck!

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There’s also a native build derived from fedora:

Thanks! I successfully installed TexStudio!

Unfortunately I get a message “No Latex distribution was found on your system…”, even though I installed TexLive Sdk extension before TexStudio.
I did set the path to usr/bin where TexLive was installed, but nothing changed.

Any suggestion how to get TexStudio work properly in these circumstances?

Thanks in advance again!

It clearly must look for something. I sometimes study that with strace. Rather than running a command, like emacs, I do run:

strace emacs 2> trace.err

The strace writes to stderr and the above redirects stderr to file trace.err.
Then it is the challenge of spotting in that lot of text the interesting bits, like failed attempts to read files of interest.

It is totally possible that that TexStudio looks for some helper utilities that are in otherwise “less important” texlive package.

PS. For me, Emacs is the LaTeX editor.

texlive-latex.noarch is in appstream, is it installed?
dnf list texlive-latex