Installing iverilog + gtkwave

Sorry for the SUPER nooby question. I’m very new to Rocky (linux in general), and I wanted to try out Rocky for FPGA dev. I looked at (Installation Guide | Icarus Verilog | Fandom) and scrolled down to CentOS and tried “sudo yum install iverilog” as well as “sudo dnf install iverilog”, but I’m unable to find a match. I googled “iverilog install rocky linux” but I can’t find any resources. This might be a really noob question, but does anyone have any links/references to where I can learn more about this and solve my problem? Thanks.

EDIT: another small question, what is the shortcut for terminal? ctrl+alt+t doesn’t work for me.


Add the epel repositories, gtkwave is in this repository. As for iverilog, since it’s a simulation and synthesis tool you could use verilator package instead. iverilog doesn’t exist in epel anyway, and I’ve not been able to find it in any other repository accessible via Rocky so far. Maybe verilator would suffice since it does pretty much the same thing.

You can add epel with:

dnf install epel-release