Installing chevereto-free on Rocky Linux (Help)


I want to install the Chevereto script on Rocky Linux. However, I don’t have enough information for server and script installation.

Somewhere I saw that Google Cloud offers a free trial version. When this information came to my mind, I immediately bought a domain name and decided to install the chevereto script on this domain. However, I have not been successful in installing it yet because my english is not good and I have no server knowledge.

Because I want to learn Rocklinux.

I’m really sorry that my free rights on Google Cloud expire every day and I can’t do anything. Because after this right, I see that it is moving to the point where I no longer have the financial support to buy something and try it. I have to do something now. I think my only hope is to do this project, develop and learn something.

I want to manage the server and install this script manually. Thanks to this, I think it will be an experience for me to learn the internal mechanism of Rocky Linux. I think that it is right to use everything in its simplest form, and that this way I will understand the logic of the work.

chevereto-free.github .io

chevereto .com

Have you checked this page ? It covers different hosting panels as well.

Thank you for your response. Yes, I looked, I can’t provide a healthy solution because I don’t have English and I don’t have much practice. I really need to install this. I have to set it up somehow.