Installation of nvidia-304xx drivers on rocky-8-xfce-elrepo


This installation is enabled by the expert advice provided in recent months by Akemi
Yagi, Leigh Scott, and nazunalika.

The detailed installation procedure, except for the starting distribution, is as described in the post,
Installation of nvidia-304xx drivers on Rocky8.5

The test machine was a Compaq Presario with SATA disk controllers and nvidia graphics card.

The starting distribution is an .iso produced by livecd-creator using nasunalika’s file,
rocky-8-xfce-elrepo.ks. This process is described in the post,
Installation Problem with Rocky-8-XFCE-x86_64-latest
The freshly-installed .iso does not contain the ‘RPM Development Tools’ group, so the initial
post-installation step is sudo yum group install ‘RPM Development Tools’.

The original intent/hope was to simplify the installation by not using the Fedora 29 kernel, but the
installation did not succeed without it.

Len E.