Install Rocky Linux on a custom partition layout

I would like to install Rocky Linux on a bit of a weird partition layout. I have successfully installed Debian on a similar configuration by creating the partitions from a live medium and then running debootstrap, but my searches have not turned up any similar, built-in tools for Red Hat family distributions.

(sorry for the link, for some reason I couldn’t upload the image directly here)

I can get close to this using the manual partition configuration in Anaconda, but it (quite reasonably for most situations, to be honest), doesn’t allow the ESP on RAID or /boot on an encrypted device and also doesn’t let me set LUKS options (cipher, key length, KDF, etc.)

How should I go about achieving this? Should I manually create the filesystems and then do something to install Rocky Linux à la debootstrap? Can I somehow convince Anaconda to use the partitions I give it?